Dead Snow 2 - Red Vs Dead

Dead Snow 2 – Red Vs Dead (2014)

Dead snow 2 is the 2014 sequel to the Norwegian comedy/horror flick that follows up on what happened to Martin and the Zombies that were hell bent on getting back their loot.

Martin does indeed escape, but finds out the Nazi Zombies lead by Herzog isn’t just concerned about their gold, but also have a much more well planned and sinister plot to carry out their original military orders. Major battles ensue as Martin recruits his own undead army to take on the Nazi’s.

Directed by Tommy Wirkola and written by Tommy Wirkola and Geir Vegar Hoel. The film stars Geir Vegar Hoel as Martin, Martin Starr as Daniel, Jocelyn DeBoer as Monica, Ingrid Haas as Blake and Orjan Gamst as Herzog.

Kens Lyrics:

Violent night
Gory night
All is bombed
All is blight
Nazi zombies so vicious and riled
Leave your body so torn and defiled
This film will mess with your head
Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

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