Dead Snow 2009

Dead Snow (2009)

Dead snow is a 2009 Norwegian comedy/horror flick that follows the events of a group of young adults going on ski trip in Istind, Norway. The crew hikes into the remote snowy region with no cell phone service and arrives at a cabin to discover a dark secret about the area. Shortly after their arrival the vacationers are attacked by Nazi Zombies. The film is a mixture of modern zombie depiction, and Draugr from the Norse folklore. Things get out of hand quickly as the group fights for their lives in the snow with any weapon they can make or find.

Directed and Written by Tommy Wirkola. The film stars Vegar Hoel as Martin, Stig Frode Henriksen as Roy, Jeppe Laursen as Erlend, Charlotte Frogner as Hanna, Lasse Valdal as Vegard, Evy Kasseth Røsten as Liv Beck and Orjan Gamst as Oberst (Zombie Leader)

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