Doggy Bank 2023

Doggy Bank – 2023

Doggy Bank is mini-series based on a novel by legendary Brazilian novelist Machado de Assis who passed away 100 years ago with little notice outside his country. The series follows the story of a broke and dimwitted slacker who is hired by a mad philosopher to babysit his pampered pooch. What follows is a satirical exploration of wealth and loyalty, but with a few more belly laughs. With humor, Corrêa explores layered international and thought-provoking stories using Brazilian culture as a vehicle to navigate U.S. settings.

Directed and produced and co-written by Thales Corrêa, with actors featuring Thales Corrêa as Julian, Anthony Moore as Borba as well as Jer, and Andrea Flowers as Prana.


Unsung Cinematics

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