Off The Record - October/November 2023

Off The Record – October/November 2023

Join us for this edition of Off The Record. We take a look at the following films: South Park Joining the Panderverse (2023), Enemy Mine (1985), Behind Her Eyes (2021 TV Series), The Homesman (2014), Dragon Inn (1967), The Watcher (2022), and a special mention of the film When Evil Lurks (2023). Be sure to listen to the very end, as there is a special outtake for the audience.

Notable Actors include: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Dennis Quaid, Tom Bateman, Tommy Lee Jones,
Lingfeng Shih, Naomi Watts, and Ezequiel Rodriguez.


Unsung Cinematics

The Unsung Cinematics podcast reviews some of the best kept secrets in TV and Film. Your hosts Stewart and Rasto provide insight to a misunderstood movie to see if it deserves the title of being “unsung”. We dust off and discuss films and television shows that are considered underrated, forgotten, and even neglected.