The Hidden

The Hidden 1987

The Hidden is a R rated film of car chases, alien parasites, and a crime mystery gone wrong. In this action packed 1987 cult classic many genres are blended together to create this interesting tale.

An FBI agent and a local LA cop team up to hunt down a bizarre criminal that has killed, stolen and has been on a terror spree. Little does the local cop know, but he is in for a wild ride that involves a extra terrestrial mystery. The both keep following a string of murders from seemingly random people but eventually realize they are actually after an alien symbiote who has enjoyed their life on earth a little too much.

Directed by Jack Sholder, and starring Kyle MacLachlan as Lloyd, Michael Nouri as Tom, Claudia Christian as Brenda, and William Boyetts as one of the hosts. Also with a special appearance of Danny Trejo as the punk in jail.


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