Clerks III - 2022

Clerks III (2022)

Clerks III or Three is a 2022 comedy, drama film written and directed by Kevin Smith that goes back to the beginning of the Clerks Franchise to wrap up his trilogy; we hope! Rated R for mature viewers.

The film has an inception quality about it, as Randall and Dante decide to shoot a homemade film about their early days as convenience store and movie rental shop clerks. Silent Bob takes them on a ride into their past. Emotions flare as the past and present collide.

The film is written and directed by Kevin Smith, and distributed by Lionsgate. Starring Brian O’Halloran as Dante, Jeff Anderson as Randall, Jason Mewes as Jay, Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, Trevor Fehrman as Elias, Marilyn Ghigliotti as Veronica and guest apperance from Rosario Dawson as Becky.


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