White Noise 2022

White Noise (2022)

White noise is a 2022 dark comedy that tells the story of a professor of Nazi philosophy. His wife and family are along for the ride as they deal with the absurdities and noise of modern day life. Set in the 1984 in a small Northern Ohio town, the family is forced to come to grips with how meaningless modern life seems to be. The film touchs on aspects of death, the blurring of reality and fiction in modern society, conspiracies, and the existential crisis that can come from trying to keep up with the Joneses. Produced, Directed and Written by Noah Baumbach and based on the novel Don DeLillo. Starring Adam Driver as Jack (Professor), Greta Gerwig as Babette, Don Cheadle as Murray, and May Nivola as Steffie. #whitenoise #whitenoise2022 #whitenoisefilm


Unsung Cinematics

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